Ships' Manning | Engine Department | seamanship | part 4

Ships’ Manning | Engine Department | seamanship | part 4


Chief Engineer :

  • He must be holding a steam or motor first-class certificate.
  • He is the head of engine department.
  • He is responsible for the management of engineers and personnel of the engine department.
  • He supervises all the work appertaining to the engine room and auxiliaries.

Second Engineer :   

  • Must hold a second-class certificate.
  • He is responsible for the engine room & deck machinery maintenance.
  • Normally keeps a sea watch.
  • He is responsible for the maintenance of Engine room, deck and other Machinery.

Third Engineer :

  • Requires  Qualifications.
  • He is a watch keeping engineer.

Fourth Engineer :  

  •                    follow the orders of chief engineer
  •                      He is responsible for sea watch 

Junior Engineer :  

Are recruited from shipyards and assist the watch keepers for the repairing and maintenance of deck and other machinery.

Engineering Cadet :

He is an academic student under training to become an engineer.

Electronic engineer (Chief electrician) :

  •                      Must hold an electronic engineer certificate
  •                      He works for the upkeep, maintenance and repair of all electronic equipment.

Refrigeration Engineer :

Maintain and run the air-conditioning and refrigeration plant on vessels or Reefer vessels 

Pump man :

Employed on tanker vessels for operating pumps and valves during discharging and loading operations.

Engine storekeeper :

He is in charge of engine stores, also an experienced fitter.

Donke- man :

Whose duty are to assist the watch keeping engineer and to attend  problem fixing and day work for engine crew.

Fitter :

 His duty is to make any welding and grinding on board.

Mechanic :

His duty is to fix any machinery problem under the super vision of the 2nd engineer.

Greaser/oilier :

For general oiling and greasing duties.

Wiper :

His duty is cleaning the engine room all the time from oil spills & stains.


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