Ships' Manning | catering department | seamanship | part 5

Ships’ Manning | catering department | seamanship | part 5

Ships’ Manning | catering department | seamanship | part 5

welcome to Marine Courses Center today we will discuss  seamanship & deck officer 

catering department

On Cargo vessel, that is a small but busy department under chief steward’s supervision and is responsible for requesting, preparing and serving meals, and for the cleaning of saloons, cabins, accommodation and alleyways.

The Chief Purser :

  • Normally he is on board passenger vessels.
  • He is the head of catering department and pursers.
  • He is responsible for catering, Passengers, Passenger lists, requisitions, and wages account.

The Purser :   

  • Assist the chief purser for reception of passengers as they come on board
  • and attendance to their baggage and management of cabins.

The Chief Steward :

Is chief of the catering department in cargo ships, responsible for stores and instruct stewards on their work.

The Steward :

He is on saloon duties to prepare tables, serve meals and to clean cabins.

The Chief Cook :

He must have cook’s certificate and is responsible for preparing the meals.

The Assistant Cook :

Assist the Chief Cook in preparing meals.

The Baker :

He is responsible for baking and preparing sweets.

The Pantry and Galley boy :

  •                       Is the Junior Catering rating who obtains promotion to Assistant 
  •                       steward or assistant Cook normally for washing and cleaning tools

The Radio department

All foreign-going vessels carry at least one Radio officer who is directly responsible to the captain, on passenger ship where continuous Radio watches are kept.
Normally there are three Radio officers, the Chief Radio, the second and the third. The duty of the Radio
officer is to keep radio Communication with the shore and other vessels. Listen for distress and navigational warnings.

   At the main time Qualified deck officer carrying GMDSS (GOC) can replace the radio officer.



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