HELM ORDERS | seamanship | part 1

HELM ORDERS | seamanship | part 1

HELM ORDERS | seamanship | part 1

welcome to Marine Courses Center today we will discuss  seamanship & HELM ORDERS 


 The Helm (wheel) is the device which turn the vessel’s direction to Starboard (right) and port (left). The master or O.O.W. give orders to the helm’s man to move the rudder by a certain degree or to steer on a certain course on the vessel’s compass.

1- Starboard wheel:

the steering wheel turn on right  so  ship go to right (starboard ) by for example  ( 2 ,12 , etc ) degrees.

2- Port wheel:

Give left turn on the steering so that the ship will go to port by for example  (2 ,7 , etc ) degrees.

3- Hard Starboard or Hard Port:

Give a full right or a full left turn on the steering wheel so that the stem turns to starboard or port by max. 35 degrees.

4- Easy the wheel:

When we need to decrease the rudder angle by for example  ( 5 ,10 , etc ) degrees according to the order.

5- Wheel Midship:

When the wheel is to be returned to its central position, this order is issued.


is to be keeping the vessel is to go to a fixed ( buoy, light house )

7- Course Again: 

ship is to go back to  its original course

8- Nothing to starboard or port:

When the existing course is to be strictly maintained, this order is issued.

9- Hard Over: 

highest change wheel to direction starboard or port

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