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We recognise that achieving your OOW and Chief Mates CoC is a large
investment in your professional and personal future and we want to be a partner in your success.


We will help you to get prepared for your OOW and Chief Mates COC as a private courses Tutorial support for OOW and Chief Mates students
SQA as well as HNC/HND preparation
Structured SQA Revision Course for Chief Mate students.


We don`t issue certificate we just help you by making preparation courses to help you to pass your COC exam in your college that`s meaning we make preparation and of SQA Navigation and Stability modules

We employ all of the usual teaching methods that can be found in a standard classroom.

Students will benefit from tuition material being presented in a variety of visual media best suited to each.

People learn in different ways and this multi-method approach is intended to reach and benefit all students.

Traditional whiteboard teaching methods continue alongside modern electronic counterparts to ensure full coverage of the material in an easy to understand way.

we have two kind of video

1- recorded videos course

2- live videos course

We accept payment via paypal and visa card and master card

This course is designed for those students preparing for their Mates/Master’s HND or Class 1, Master’s oral examination with the MCA &

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