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 parts of ship | ship’s hull | seamanship | part 7 | Aft of ship

 Parts of After Section

Counter of the ship:

Curved portions of vessel’s stern shell plating.

 Fairleads of the ship:

Structure used for the easy handling of mooring wires and ropes placed in the bulwark fore & aft over the center line.

 Handrails of the ship:

Wood or iron bars which protect men from falling overboard.

 Rudder of the ship:

A device for steering the vessel – It is placed behind the propeller at the stern part of the ship, and is connected to steering wheel at the wheelhouse.

Propeller of the ship:

    Made of bronze, placed aft of the ship to move the ship.

After peak tank of the ship:

The space between the after most transverse watertight bulkhead and the stern frame – It used as a trimming or fresh-water tank. 

Keel of the ship:

The main centerline structural member running fore and aft along the bottom of a ship. (Ship’s backbone).

Mooring holes of the ship:

Oval holes in bulwark plating for mooring ropes.

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